An Influencer Marketing Platform is the first totally open influencer marketing platform, allowing brands and agencies to connect directly with influencers. I started with influence in the beginning and over the first 2 years we’ve grown it from nothing to well over 419K Monthly Page Views.

As the only designer on the team I took on full responsibility of all marketing, product design and front-end development. I would take on any task thrown at me and work it through a process of design and feedback to always hit the mark.

Influence Profile Cards

User Profiles That Promote Their Work

I’ve designed a number of features and tools on the platform, but the main one that everyone uses is our public profiles. The profiles allow any influencer to promote their featured work for brands and agencies like a portfolio.

My process for designing new features goes through several steps. I first rigorously define a spec document that outlines the goals and requirements each feature needs to meet. Once that is defined we outline which parts of the spec require wireframes and mocks to guide the process. Some require only a wireframe of a site while others require full mocks and graphic work.

I implemented design systems so after components are designed they are reusable and implemented faster without design taking up more of the process.

The challenge of creating profiles is making them flexible enough to meet everyones needs while still look good. We had 4 types of users: influencers, brands, representatives and agencies. Each had their own priorities that a profile had to accomplish. We designed the profiles to be flexible in design to accommodate their own different needs. For example, an influencer wants to show off their best work, while a brand wants to show off their products and the kind of content they are looking for.

With about 40% of the traffic being mobile we design every page in a web version and a mobile version. Once approved, I would use code frameworks like bootstrap or custom CSS to build responsive pages so they worked on any page at any size.

Mocks of mobile app around behind the scenes content.

Agency Tools

Every digital agency needs tools to manage it’s marketing campaigns with influencers. We designed features that would let agencies collect lists of influencers and track their contribution to their campaigns. We started by outlining ideas of how to collect people for a campaign. We wrote out ideas for how to communicate with them. After coming up with a solid spec to work from we mocked out flows for adding influencers to lists, and building tools around lists to track when an influencer would post for a campaign.

Through the whole process we talked with influencers and worked with agencies to craft the tools to be flexible and work for anyone. When you design for a single-track use case you often design yourself into a hole. You need to add features lightly and then grow as you learn.

Influence Campaign Tools