A SASS Customer Feedback Platform

Ramen is a software platform built to help SaaS teams collaborate with their users more effectively so that they spend more time building the right things. I co-founded this product with my partner with the idea that companies needed a better way to collaborate with their users when building their product.

We learned a lot about what it takes to build a sass product and even wrote a short ebook about “Product Success”. Companies like UStream and Hosting.com were just a few that started engaging with their users with our tool.

Customer Success

Collecting Feedback

We created a light weight widget that would engage users on specific pages or when they did specific actions like click a button. It would allow you to craft any question to ask and collect user feedback. You could even ask questions to specific audiences in your app based on data you provided to us.

This was incredibly powerful because it gave product developers the ability to engage their user base and collect feedback without using chat features that would take hours to support or a cumbersome survey tools that didn't catch the user at the ideal moment to collect feedback.

Mocks of mobile app around behind the scenes content.

Segmenting User Responses

The hardest part of feedback is knowing how to use it. We designed reports that would let you segment user responses. You could see how your pro users felt about that new search feature and how your free users felt about it.

We built a simple customer CRM and added on features that let you get to know your users and how they used your product. You could send us custom data as well about how they used your product and we would allow you to segment their feedback based on that data. All the while we also used the tool we were building to build the tool itself, collecting feedback as people tried it and used it.

Mocks of mobile app around behind the scenes content.


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